Fixed Balustrade (100 x 12 x h75 cm) with Windbreak (h40)


Ref. BF100PH40


The fixed wooden railing with a 40cm windbreak and dimensions of 100 x 12 x h75 cm is the ideal option for closing restaurant terraces. Its structure is made up of vertical wooden slats, which allows creating cozy and comfortable environments for customers in outdoor areas of the premises, providing a unique experience. The railing is made of top quality pine wood and has a height of 75cm, which provides the necessary protection to users. In addition, its fixed design ensures stability and resistance for long-lasting protection. With a classic and elegant style, the level 4 autoclaved wood railing adapts to any type of outdoor environment, adding a touch of warmth and distinction. Its durability and versatility are advantages that make it the perfect option for restaurant owners looking for enclosures with style and quality.

Hortalia is a committed, responsible and environmentally conscious company with a factory located in Manresa (Barcelona). Our products are made of red pine wood sourced from sustainably managed European forests. In addition, the wood is class IV autoclave-treated, which guarantees its durability outdoors for years without the need for additional maintenance.

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Dimensions 100×135 cm