Folding Balustrade (100 x 12 x h75 cm) with Windbreak (h40)


Ref. BA100PH40


The folding railing with wheels measuring 100 x 12 x h75, equipped with a 40cm protector against wind and noise, is the optimal solution for high-quality closures on the terraces of restaurants and hospitality businesses. With a cozy and comfortable design, it provides a pleasant environment for customers, protecting them from wind and noise. Its modular system allows for quick and easy installation, adapting without problems to any size of terrace. This high quality item has been designed to allow complete closure of the terrace space and easy collection at the end of the day.

With its folding system, it provides easy access to the terrace space when necessary. In addition, its elegant and contemporary design adds a touch of class to any establishment. The folding wooden railing with wheels is made of high quality materials to ensure durability and resistance. In summary, the 100 x 12 x h75 folding railing with wheels with a 40cm protector against wind and noise is an excellent option for those looking for high-quality closures for their restaurant terraces and hospitality businesses. Its modular system and easy installation ensure long-lasting protection and easy access to the terrace space, while its cozy and elegant design creates a comfortable and pleasant environment for customers.

Hortalia is a committed, responsible and environmentally conscious company with a factory located in Manresa (Barcelona). Our products are made of red pine wood sourced from sustainably managed European forests. In addition, the wood is class IV autoclave-treated, which guarantees its durability outdoors for years without the need for additional maintenance.

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Dimensions 100×115 cm