Freestanding Planter (75 x 34.5 x h80 cm) with Windbreak (h60)


Ref. J75A34PH60


The self-supporting planter without anchoring to the ground measuring 75 x 34'5 x h80 cm is an ideal product for hospitality professionals who want to create sustainable enclosures on their terraces. Its design allows it to be removed and stored inside after each service, which provides great versatility. In addition, the self-supporting planter includes a 60 cm high windbreak that creates a cozy and comfortable environment for diners, reducing noise and protecting them from the wind. With this self-supporting planter, bar and restaurant owners will be able to create a unique and welcoming outdoor space for their customers.

In addition, its simple and practical storage system allows establishments to optimize space when the terrace is not in use. This self-supporting planter is designed with high quality materials and has exceptional finishes. Its robust and weather-resistant structure guarantees its durability in any environment. With the self-supporting planter, you can create a pleasant and comfortable environment on your terrace, and improve the experience of your clients while they enjoy a moment of leisure outdoors.

Hortalia is a committed, responsible and environmentally conscious company with a factory located in Manresa (Barcelona). Our products are made of red pine wood sourced from sustainably managed European forests. In addition, the wood is class IV autoclave-treated, which guarantees its durability outdoors for years without the need for additional maintenance.

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Dimensions 75×140 cm