Freestanding Planter (75 x 34.5 x h80 cm)


Ref. J75A34


The 75 x 34'5 x h80 cm freestanding planter that does not need to be anchored to the ground is the ideal product for use in the hospitality industry. This product facilitates the creation of eco-friendly terrace enclosures and, thanks to its design, it can be removed and stored indoors at the end of each service. With this freestanding planter, you will provide your customers with an inviting and comfortable setting in which to enjoy their time in your establishment. In addition, its dimensions are optimal to make the most of the available space on your terrace. This planter comes particularly recommended for hospitality experts seeking a sustainable and efficient solution to create terrace enclosures. Don't wait a second longer and make your customers feel at home with this incredible freestanding planter.

Hortalia is a committed, responsible and environmentally conscious company with a factory located in Manresa (Barcelona). Our products are made of red pine wood sourced from sustainably managed European forests. In addition, the wood is class IV autoclave-treated, which guarantees its durability outdoors for years without the need for additional maintenance.

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Dimensions 75×80 cm