Freestanding Planter (75 x 44.5 x h80 cm) with Windbreak (h60)


Ref. J75A44PH60


The 100 x 34'5 x h80 cm self-supporting planter is a perfect complement for owners of hospitality establishments looking to create sustainable enclosures on terraces. This self-supporting planter is easy to remove and store inside after each service thanks to its design without a ground anchoring system. The Freestanding Planter provides a comfortable and welcoming space for your customers, allowing them to enjoy an unparalleled outdoor dining experience. Its elegant and modern design adapts perfectly to any type of environment, becoming a decorative element that provides aesthetic value and functionality. In addition, it includes a 60cm high windbreak that creates a quiet environment and protects your clients from city noise and wind.

Hortalia is a committed, responsible and environmentally conscious company with a factory located in Manresa (Barcelona). Our products are made of red pine wood sourced from sustainably managed European forests. In addition, the wood is class IV autoclave-treated, which guarantees its durability outdoors for years without the need for additional maintenance.

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Dimensions 75×140 cm